December 22, 2017 1 min read

So December 2017 is the exactly 1 year since the first ever Knit in a Box subscription box was launched!

I cringe when I look at the photo of the first box which was the December box (see below)!

Back then the only option was a baby box, a year later we have 4 boxes to choose from:

  • The Baby Box
  • The Ladies Box
  • The Toys Box
  • The Girls Box

The first year of Knit in a Box has had it's ups and downs but mostly ups!

We also welcomed Tracy to the team in June, she is a very valuable member, always there to answer customer queries! She has also taken over all of the packing and shipping. I do worry about her back sometimes! Her daughter, Keira, has the very important job of adding the sticker to the boxes!

My husband Paul used to help with the Facebook page but he has taken a step back (he doesn't know much about knitting anyway)!

Holly is now is charge of photography and does an amazing job.

We love to hear how everyone is getting on with their boxes and we love coming up with ideas for future boxes, planning how to wrap them, which new boxes to bring out and we love chatting to our customers in the group.

Here's to another year of pretty mystery knitting kits delivered to your door!

Thank you to each and every one of you


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