Getting started with Knit in a Box

1) What is Knit in a Box and how does it work

  • Knit in a Box is a knitting box subscription service. Every month customers receive a beautifully wrapped surprise box filled with a knitting pattern and everything you need to make the design. Wonderful knitting designs curated and wrapped ready for you to start knitting
  • You can choose to subscribe or just use the service on a pay as you go basis. There are no contracts, no hidden fees and nothing to sign

2) Which kind of boxes do you offer?

We offer currently five options:

3) What is in the box?

  • Although the actual contents of the boxes are a mystery, you will receive a box containing a kit to knit something for a baby aged up to 12 months or aged up to 6 years or for an adult depending on your purchase. Each box includes the yarn, knitting pattern, buttons plus extra surprises! 

4) What is the delivery plan for these boxes?

5) How much does it cost?

6) Are these boxes suitable for beginners?

  • Yes, most of the boxes will be suitable for knitters with beginners/intermediate skill levels. If you need any help, our lovely Facebook VIP customers will be happy to help you

7) Do you ship worldwide?

  • Yes, we do. You will be able to see the shipment cost when you fill in your address and place an order

8) How can I order?

It's pretty simple, all you need to do is:

  • Choose your box (here) - You can choose to subscribe or just order a one off purchase
  • Pay for your box (PayPal or Credit Card)
  • Complete the checkout, wait for your box and enjoy :)

9) When I place my first order which box will I receive?

  • All boxes are dispatched in the first week of the month. All orders received by the 20th of the month will be sent in the first week of the following available month. All orders received after this date will be sent the month after. I.e. if you want to receive a box next month you have to order before the 20th of this month

10) Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

  • Yes, you can. Just login into your account and click on cancel, done! Or if you want just drop us an email here and we will take care of it

11) I'm drowning in knitting boxes, can I take a break and pause for a while?

  • Yes of course you can, just send us an email and let us know how many months you wish to pause for and we will take care of it for you

12) Can I buy extra wool from you?

  • We usually don’t stock extra wool, if we do we have any extras, we will definitely add it to the shop.

13) How do I update/change my Credit Card details?

  • It's straightforward, just please follow the steps in this document

14) When are the new boxes (e.g. Gents Box, Toys Box, Crochet Box, ...) going to be (re)introduced?

  • We are aiming to introduce a Crochet Box for the 1st of April. After that we will focus on introducing other boxes.

15) How long are the gift vouchers valid for?

  • Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

16) What is the Knit in a Box VIP Facebook group?

  • We have a VIP Facebook group for our customers. The chat is an amazing place where new and old knitters get together to chat, discuss and help each other. It offers an online "knit and natter" for everyone. It's a fun interactive way for everyone to knit through our boxes together. A week after our boxes go out we reveal the contents and our customers are then free to post all their progress pictures and ask questions of each other. We have a fantastic group of talented knitters, and we are very proud to call them our customers!

17) What is the Stitch Points system and how does it work?

  • The Stitch Points system is our way of saying thanks and giving you something back... You need to have an account with us to make use of it. If you don't have an account with us yet please just click here to register.
  • The Stitch Points system is really simple and straightforward to implement. The main steps:

    • Points:
      • Earn: Every time you place an order, share on Facebook or celebrate your birthday you earn points
      • Reward: you can use these points for example to get a £5 discount (500 stich Points)
      • How do you do it: 1) you Login into your account, 2) you click on the button „Knit in a Box Stitch Points“ at the bottom on the right corner, 3) you will see there your points and your rewards progress, 4) when you’ve enough points you just click on the completed reward and get your discount code which you can use for your next order. NOTE: When you want to redeem your points make sure to choose the right option. You can choose to redeem for a one-off order or to redeem for a subscription.
    • Refer friends: even better than points, you can send a link to your friend to place a new order, and if they do, they receive 25% off and you also receive 25% off of your next order. This link you can also find when you click on the „Knit in a Box Stitch Points“ button and scroll to the bottom