February 21, 2018 2 min read

I have been ill this month and didn’t manage to collect my box from the postie myself; one of my sons had to do it for me and then teased me with the box – bad boy!  Fair to say they won’t do that again after my huff.

So the moment of opening the box – I love this moment as it is filled with surprise and pleasure.  It is almost like a little surprise gift arriving. 

Inside the box is a lovely deep purple tissue paper parcel wrapped with a pale pink or very pale purple ribbon.  I always take a few seconds to admire the thought that has gone into the presentation of Knit in a Box. 

Inside the tissue paper are three 100g King Cole ‘Splash’ balls of yarn in a shade call Lilac Tints.   Each ball is approximately 290 meters long – wow that’s long!  Being 100% Acrylic this yarn is machine washable.  This is a lovely yarn and the colours look bright and bold.   

I also found a little bag containing three lilac buttons which match this yarn perfectly and also a little ‘Knitted with Love’ label.  But under the yarn was another surprise waiting for me – a set of six purple and pink hair clips, just perfect and a lovely accompaniment for this yarn. 






After emptying the yarn and surprises from the box I found the pattern underneath, I had already worked out it was the girls box due to the hair clips as up until that point I was thinking it was the Ladies box!  But this box is for King Cole pattern 4119, a girl’s cardigan that is for ages 2-11years.  The pattern states it is an ‘Easy Knit’ but it looks lovely with a lovely back belt tab that adds nice detail to the back.  I am really looking forward to knitting this pattern and personally think the Lilac Tints will look lovely in this pattern.  Ok where are my knitting needles?  Need to bribe the boys to go get them for me.  



By Lynne McMahon


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