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...getting to know all about you

Admit it, you started singing it in your head! :D haha!

So, Clare and I were thinking the other day how nice it is that Knit In A Box has become a bit of a community, we love reading your funny comments, seeing photos of your amazing handy work and how you all help each other out when needed. So, in an effort to be able to get to know each other better, we thought we’d introduce some of you.

Say Hello to Carol....

How long have you been knitting?
Not sure of my exact age, but I was a child and my granddad taught me
as he was the only one with enough patience due to me being left handed.

Do you have a favourite knitting designer / book?
I don’t have a favourite but do like doing KTG designer patterns and
King Cole

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve knitted?
The most unusual thing was being asked to knit a coat for a puppy to
keep it warm

What’s your favourite TV programme or film?
My favourite program at the moment is Lethal Weapon, and favourite film has to be Titanic

What would be your best knitting tip?
My best tip would be once you start a project finish it before you start something else, otherwise it tends to get forgotten

Who in the world would you most like to knit for?
My favourite people - my Great Nieces & Nephews.

The Great Nieces & Nephews - Emily Kyle William & Aimee.

Where’s the most random place you’ve knitted?
The most random place would be at work, always have wool & needles handy for lunchtime!

Do you have a favourite colour wool?
My favourite colours are lilac, peach, mint green and baby blue

What knitted item are you most proud of?
The item I am most proud of is the RAF box I made up.

The beautifully completed RAF box

What do you love most about Knit In A Box?
I love the patterns always something different and also the group of people its lovely to see and comment on other peoples work

What’s your favourite charity?
I have 2 charities I like to support, Macmillan and British Heart Foundation as my family has been affected by the problems these charities work to help with


Thank you for answering your questions Susan, we will be making a donation to Macmillan and BHF on your behalf.

Want to send us your answers and pictures? Get in touch...

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August 07, 2018

What a lovely idea to do this, hello Carol. Your nieces and nephews are very lucky to have such a talented knitter ♥️ I am going to take on board your tip as am a nightmare at project hopping so thank you xx


August 07, 2018

I love knitting , have been knitting for over 50 years taught by my nan , used to make dolls clothes, love knit in the box , I don’t have every month due to an enormous stash ,which I do try to use but still buy more wool ,I am addicted to knitting ,I have 2 granddaughters who I knit for and any one who has a baby .I don’t have favorite colour but do like king Cole so much choice .and good results. I will be having a box in a few months ,so much lined up to do .

Susan Hambley
Susan Hambley

August 07, 2018

Hi Carol..lovely to meet you and to put a face to the gorgeous completed RAF box xx

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