August 14, 2018 1 min read

There’s some ‘graffiti knitters’ on the loose! Check out these latest images of yarn bombing spotted in Thirsk, North Yorkshire this week. (Photo credit to James McCrea on Twitter) 
If you’re not familiar with the concept, 'Yarn bombing', or otherwise  'knit bombing', is an alternative form of graffiti, turning cities into playgrounds by adorning everyday objects with colourful knitted and crocheted works. It originated in the US, starting purely from people trying to find alternative ways of using up leftover wool or unfinished items. 
Magda Sayeg is credited with the modern movement after she covered the door handles of her shop with custom knitted cosies.  It has since become a worldwide form of street art, typically found in urban areas; some taking to completely covering park benches, tree trunks, rubbish bins and statues, to name a few examples. 
Whether to your taste or not, they certainly brighten up any areas, and help showcase the knitting talents of the world! 
Have you ever created any ‘yarn bombing' masterpieces yourself?
Happy Knitting! :D

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