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 July 2018 Box Review

"My postman arrived early this morning with my ‘happy mail’ as he put it when I opened the door to him – I like that phrase, and yes it is most definitely my happy mail as I knew what it was just from looking at the parcel in his arms.

This months subscription is wrapped in pink tissue paper and tied with gold ribbon. Once I untied the ribbon I turned the parcel over to try and open up the Sellotape while not ripping the tissue paper too much as I like to reuse it.

Inside this months box, I firstly found a little-typed note from Lily. I was sorry to hear that Poppy had been sick but I am glad that she has Lily to look after her.

I then found a little postcard with the contents of the box and noticed that it mentioned two different colours of yarn this month – exciting. I also found a little packet of ‘Love Heart’ sweeties closely followed by three little bags. Two of the bags contain little ribbon bows in pink or silver, and the final bag has five pink buttons.

The yarn this month is by James C. Brett and is Supreme Soft and Gentle Baby DK in pink (shade SNG18) and silver or shade SNG23. The supreme yarn is a mixture of 70% acrylic to 30% polyamide. This yarn is machine washable at 40 degrees and can be ironed at a low temperature. ‘Supreme’ is a nice yarn to work with and knits up easily.

The pattern is always the last thing I look at when I unpack my box – I like to keep the suspense until the last minute. This month is a pattern by James C. Brett number JB517 which is for an easy and quick knit raglan sleeve cardigan or a sweater"

Lynne M


August 2018 Box Review

"This month has seen the first box from Knit in a Box new owners Kristian and Clare and what a wonderful box from them. The box arrives in the same packaging and box as before and inside I was delighted to see that the ‘surprise’ which is the contents was still hidden in a pale yellow tissue paper with a yellow ribbon tied in a bow. This month there was no Sellotape to peel pack – yippee! The contents card gives a hint as to what is inside but does not give much away – yes I know it tells me the wool colour, but the pattern is still a surprise waiting to be explored.

So, wait for this, I left the box and went to make myself a cup of tea so that I could savour the unveiling of this month's contents. I am fully aware that this is a strange way to proceed since I almost take my posties arms off when I am grabbing my monthly boxes from his hands!

My box is sitting waiting for me.

Tea in hand I settled down to finish opening the box and find three balls of James C. Brett ‘Innocence’ bamboo rich DK yarn. ‘Innocence’ is a lovely soft yarn that is 50% bamboo and 50% premium acrylic. Bamboo yarns are great for baby knits as they are strong and durable. This yarn is machine washable at 30 degrees but is not suitable for tumble dryers or ironing. I love the feel and softness of this yarn.

Next up in the box are two little flowers – a daisy and a sunflower along with a pukka tea bag in lemon, ginger & manuka honey – I like these teas, and it will be used today! I also found a Knitted with Love label and a little bag with ten buttons and two white ribbon bows and two gold ribbon bows. I still have not looked at the pattern, and my brain is whizzing wondering what this months knit will be! 

I also came across two bumblebee postcards and learned something new regarding the anatomy of bees. Next, I found a gorgeous pewter bee lapel badge – this is truly lovely and will be worn with pleasure as each time I see it I will connect it with ‘Knit in a Box’.

There is one thing left before I get to the pattern and this is a lovely letter from Joshua. Joshua is five years old, and his writing and sentence structure are both fantastic. And to answer your question Joshua – I love my box thank you for helping to pack it.

Now to what I will be knitting this month and that is a UK Hand Knitting pattern number 168 which is a pattern for a jumper and cardigan with lovely cable work.

Thank you for a lovely August box, Kristian and Clare, I look forward to seeing what you have planned for ‘Knit in a Box’. 

Pictures of August 2018 baby box 


What our members say about us...

“I would say the box is well worth the money. If you take in to consideration the make of wool and pattern, buttons and how much it would cost to post it’s worth it”
Lynda McLoone

“I think it’s excellent value for money. There aren’t really a lot of the old wool shops still open. This is delivered to your door. No bus or petrol to pay. Everything is right there to complete the pattern. You also are a part of this extremely helpful community”
Karen McDonald

“I agree, these boxes are excellent value for money. I have had three as a gift and have loved them all. Excellent choice of patterns and good quality wool. The presentation and little added extras make receiving the box a lovely surprise”
Lorraine Jones Davies

“Love every one of them. Great value and everything you need is in the box”
Tricia Farrell

“I think they are excellent value”
Sarah Davies

“Just restarted my subscription…i’ve missed it so much!”
Kay Piper

“I have this every month and I think it’s worth every penny”
Yvonne May

“I have to say, the wool is sooooo soft, It’s beautiful”
Tricia Farrell

“Finally opened my box yesterday - was well worth the wait. So pleased with everything in it”
Andrea Morris

“Got my box today. Thank you so much. Love it so much. Can't wait to start it”.
Harvinder Kalsi

“Picked my box up this morning as I've been away. Well worth the wait it's fantastic and thank you Joshua for your lovely letter. Love all the extras and the lovely mug. Look forward too many more boxes xx”
Liz Garforth

“Wow.Thank you for such a fantastic box.Loved Joshuas letter.Looking forward to the next one.xx”
Alyson Johnson

“Back from holiday and my box was here love it again and the bee items xx”
Yvonne Balloch

“Received my box! It’s absolutely gorgeous - thank you!”
Jayne Walsh

“Received my box today have to say i love it best one yet”
Angie Friars

“Fantastic box this month. Love the theme a lot of effort and thought has gone into it. Thank you Joshua for your wee note, looking forward to next months"
Louise Mitchell

“I received my box this morning. All I can say is you have excelled in your first box. Love love love it. Thank you”
Karen MacDonald

“My box arrived, love it!”
Sue Thirlwell

“My box has arrived. Thank you so much, Joshua, for your letter it is lovely. It has gone up on my noticeboard. Looking forward to starting the cardigan, lovely wool. Very Happy now….. 😀 "
Christine Humphries

Fantastic box. Love everything in it, and the themed surprises make it extra special”
Caroline Cobb

“Box has arrived and WOW, lovely the pattern and yarn and all the lovely extras. Thank you so much Joshua for the lovely letter, first of many to come I hope xxx”
Ann Fortune

“My box arrived this morning. It's lovely, love all the little surprise in it and Joshua's letter”
Julie Oliver

“Just got my box, it’s lovely thank you..looking forward to future boxes x
Susan Hambley

Received my box absolutely fabulous love the little extras and Joshua’s letter xx
Jennifer McAvoy


And here's some of their amazing handy work...



October and November 2018 boxes :

We did a Halloween theme box for October! Hidden creepy crawlies and black and orange colours, complete with some embellishments and goodies!

For November boxes (the Christmas box) we introduced the 'WOOLLY BONKERS GOLDEN TICKET' 10 golden tickets were hidden amongst both babies and ladies boxes and 10 lucky winners won some fantastic prizes. It was our busiest month to date ! :D We also produced our first ever Knit In A Box magazine with news, stories and puzzles.

The baby box pattern was an adorable babies Christmas jumper. We included red wool to make the jumper extra festive.

The Ladies November box was white and silver theme with the pattern being a ladies shawl.  Added glitter and goodies!