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Hello, welcome to KNIT in a BOX!

KNIT in a BOX was founded in December 2016 by Katy who had a big passion for baby knitting!

We are a family run monthly Knitting subscription service, delivering a beautifully gift wrapped, mystery knitting kit to your door every month.

Although the actual contents of the boxes are a mystery, you will receive a box containing a kit to knit something for a baby aged up to 12 months. Including the yarn, knitting pattern, buttons plus extra surprises!

In addition to the box, you also get exclusive membership to our Knit in the Box VIP customers Facebook where you can make new friends and share patterns, views and projects.

Our Subscribers also get access to exclusive competitions, giveaways and discounts at knitting stores.

Payment is taken throughout the month before your box is dispatched! For example, if you order in June your box will be dispatched at the beginning of July.

You can choose whether you would prefer to subscribe to a box to guarantee delivery of next months box or just use the service on a pay as you go basis. There are no contracts, no hidden fees and nothing to sign!

Subscribing is perfect for those who want the same type of box delivered to their door each and every month and for those who don't want to miss out...If you would only like a box on occasions or you would like to change the type of box you will receive then it would be more beneficial not to subscribe but to order as and when.

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Here's what our lovely customers and long term subscribers have to say about our boxes:

“I think they are excellent value for money. There aren’t really a lot of the old wool shops still open. This is delivered to your door. No bus or petrol to pay. Everything is right there to complete the pattern. You also are a part of this extremely helpful community”

Karen McDonald

“I would say the box is well worth the money. If you take in to consideration the make of wool and pattern, buttons and how much it would cost to post it’s worth it”,

Lynda McLoone

“These boxes are excellent value for money. I have had three as a gift and have loved them all. Excellent choice of patterns and good quality wool. The presentation and little added extras make receiving the box a lovely surprise”

Lorraine Jones Davies

“Love every one of them. Great value and everything you need is in the box”

Tricia Farrell

“I think they are excellent value”

Sarah Davies

“Just restarted my subscription…i’ve missed it so much!”

Kay Piper

“I have this every month and I think it’s worth every penny”

Yvonne May