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Ladies box

 My postie knocked the door early this morning, before I could take up my seat at the window to stalk him! Yes, he had my box, which I quickly grabbed from his hands oh yeah, and other mail as well!

 So should I open it first or put the kettle on and savour the moment? I decided that this month I was going to go for the adult approach and put the kettle on, get settled and savour each moment.   So that’s what I did whilst shouting at the kettle to hurry up!

For those that don’t know the box arrives, as the name suggests in a box and the only tell tale sign of the contents is the wonderful little sticker.  

Peeling back the tape I opened my box and the surprise was still hidden, as this lovely wrapping was inside.  Beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a lovely ribbon, the contents still hidden and waiting to be unwrapped.  Quick drink of my tea and I gently pulled the ribbon undone. 

What is fantastic about the way the box is wrapped is that you do not know what the pattern is going to be as this is hidden from you when you open the box. Yes if you pulled out the beautifully wrapped tissue paper then the pattern would be seen as it is placed in the box first and then the wrapped parcel placed on top.  I like to leave it hidden until I have opened and examined the wool. 

So back to the box.   This is the Ladies box and when I opened it I found 3 balls of this lovely King Cole Magnum chunky in Pink Haze.   This is a blend of premium acrylic and wool with two strands twisted together for what appears to be a lovely strong and very stylish yarn.  Best of all this is machine washable – win win!

Also inside the box I found a lovely surprise in the form of an Aloe lipstick which looks lovely both as it is and on but don’t worry I am not going to subject you to a photo of my aloe covered lips!

 Now I carefully reached underneath the tissue papered package to get to the pattern – all the while wondering what it could be.  That’s the brilliant part as you feel as if the box has another surprise waiting for you. This time it is in the form of King Cole Chunky pattern 5035.

 I am really looking forward to making this pattern and I am actually thinking it could be a start on Christmas presents for 2018, yes that is starting early but it such a lovely pattern that I may make more than one.  

Well done knit-in-a-box for another lovely pattern and yarn this month and to my postie for delivering it early and undamaged!

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Gillian Dixon
Gillian Dixon

February 24, 2018

I just love ❤ the knit in a box. I’ve made lots of knit wear for my baby grandson due in June. ?

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