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Knit in a Box - Ladies Box – February 2018

Whenever my knit in a box subscription arrives it feels, as I am sure most reading this will agree with, a surprise present that has arrived just for me.

I love opening my box as I don’t know what I will find inside, I don’t know what my next project will be but the anticipation of knowing is great. Inside this months box the yarn is still hidden in its deep purple tissue paper tied up with a pale purple ribbon.   Snuggled inside the tissue paper I find three amazing 100g balls of King Cole Sprite double knitting yarn.  This yarn is in a shade called Zante, which actually tells me nothing about the actual colour of the yarn; as it is a multi tonal yarn in greys, pinks and purples.  I wish the names reflected the colours better, or is that just me? This yarn is 100% premium acrylic and is therefore machine washable it is also super soft to the touch.

 I also found a purple and white polka dot paper bag in beside the yarn, ohhhh another surprise!  Inside the bag I found a lovely red heart shaped candle and what I think may be two heart shaped soaps.  Perfect for February and Valentine’s Day and they smell lovely as well.

 I also found a small packet of Love Heart sweets– the treats and surprises keep on coming with this box. Which leads me on to lifting the tissue paper parcel out of the box and the great reveal - the pattern for this months project.  I find King Cole pattern 4694 which is an ‘Easy Knit’ pattern for ladies scarves, hat, finger-less gloves, headband and neck warmer  - the full set.   I know already that within this box there is enough yarn to make a scarf, hat and gloves if I wish.  The pattern appears to focus mainly on a mix of stocking stitch and moss stitch and will show off this yarn beautifully.

I don’t know if anyone else does this but I keep the tissue paper and ribbon that the yarn was parcelled in just in case I decide to gift the items I make, but I don’t know if I will be gifting this set, as the yarn is so lovely!


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Ella Goldie
Ella Goldie

March 08, 2018

Every box I have had has been wonderful. The yarns are so soft and collection. The only thing I for get is when to put my order in??

Gill Dixon
Gill Dixon

March 07, 2018

That’s exactly how I feel when my box arrives. Beautifuly wrapped and I try to keep my box and yarn as it arrived because it is so nice to look at.

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